Physical Mediumship International

Phenomena that can be witnessed

I will now go on to list and describe some of the types of phenomena that can be witnessed when the medium, group or circle is working in either an ectoplasmic-based way or an energy-based way. I will first describe those types that are typical of ectoplasm-based phenomena. EVERYTHING that happens in an ectoplasm-based way can be duplicated in an energy-based way. It is important to realise, however, that although the same effects can be reproduced in either way, the method of production is definitely different. Consequently, there are sometimes different names for a similar effect produced through the creative energy method. Where this is the case, I include the new enery-based names in brackets.

Ectoplasm-Based Phenomena

1) DROP IN TEMPERATURE: Self-explanatory; one of the first signs in a physical circle, round knees and below.  2) PSYCHIC BREEZES: Can be felt around the experimental room, particularly when a spirit person is very close. 3) PSYCHIC SMELLS AND AROMAS: Can be scents, smell of tobacco or something associated with a spirit person 4) RAPS AND TAPS: Of various strengths and intensity can be heard around the room coming from any surface. 5) RINGING OF BELLS: That are present in the room; perhaps hanging from the ceiling or placed on the floor.   6) SITTERS BEING SPLASHED WITH WATER DROPLETS: In a playful way occasionally by members of the spirit team 7) ELECTROSTATIC CRACKLING IN THE AIR: The noise of ectoplasm/energy being moved about and manipulated. 8) LEVITATION: Of small objects; then large ones such as heavy tables, chairs or people, sometimes to ceiling.  9) DIRECT SPIRIT WRITING: On a piece of paper or pad that has been left in the room specially for the purpose. 10) APPORTS: Objects brought into seance room from elsewhere during a sitting - sometimes little presents.   11) ASPORTS: Opposite to apports; objects in seance room at start, removed by spirit team during a seance.   12) SPIRIT LIGHTS: Usually are more limited in type, variety, size and duration than those produced by energy. 13) TRANSFIGURATION: Mask of ectoplasm covering medium's face moulded by spirit into face of communicator 14) PLAYING OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: By spirit musicians, (or less well by enthusistic child spirit guides!!)     15) DIRECT VOICE: This refers to spirit voices speaking through a 'trumpet' (aluminium cone like a megaphone -specially for the purpose) which is usually levitated in mid-air at the time.                                                    16) INDEPENDENT VOICE (ENERGY VOICES IN NEW WAY PRODUCED WITHOUT ECTOPLASM): A superb type of phenomena where the spirit team build a replica of a human voice-box in mid-air out of ectoplasm. Spirit voices can speak through this, sometimes in their own exact voice whilst on earth. The two way conversation between sitters and spirit communicators sounds just as though two earthly physical people are talking.         17) MATERIALISATION (TELEPORTATION IN NEW WAY OF ACTUAL SPIRIT PERSON WITHOUT ECTOPLASM): This is an amazing phenomena to witness. An animated replica of a spirit person is created by the spirit team from the substance called ectoplasm, appearing totally solid and fully recognisable; able to interact with ralatives, friends and loved ones. These materialisations are generally unable to stay for long, and return to the 'cabinet' to dematerialise in order to make way for the next 'materialisation'.                                                             18) MATTER THROUGH MATTER: Spirit team can dematerialise any matter (such as part of the medium's own body or chair) and re-materialise this in the same place or elsewhere.

Additional Phenomena which is Energy-Based

19) MANY AND VARIED DIFFERENT TYPES/COLOURS OF SPIRIT LIGHTS/LUMINOSITY: These are self-exlanatory.     20) HEALING AS SPIRIT LIGHT ENTERS A SITTER'S BODY: This is fully visible. The light has weight and substance and can move freely around the patient's body (always felt physically by patient) till it emerges visibly again from patient. Healing given in this way was always extremely effective. It happened to me many times.         21) ANY SOUND CAN BE DUPLICATED IN CIRCLE: This includes the sound of ANY musical insrtument that is not in the room at the time; a spirit team can also, for instance pretend to give a 'haircut' to a sitter. The scissors can be heard opening and closing; the comb can be heard being drawn across a chair, when NONE of these instruments or objects are in the room in reality!                                                                                      22) EXTENDED VOICE: this occurs when the trance communication from a medium (through his or her larynx in the normal way) suddenly seems to come from a different place in the room, although the medium is still sitting in the same place. What happens here is that by using energy, the spirit team are able to make the source of the medium's voice appear to move anywhere in that room within a split second, without the medium moving. The voice can even, on occasions, seem to come from WITHIN the walls of the room.              23) TELEPORTED SPIRIT BEINGS AND (in some groups) STELLAR FRIENDS FROM OTHER DIMENSIONS: Can move freely around the room in solid form and interact constantly with sitters. There seems to be no time limit on their presence and they are able to undertake many normal tasks whilst they are present which would seem to be beyond the ability of etoplasmic-based materialisatuions; we have personally experienced the presence of eight or more of these teleported beings in an experimental room at the same time!                                  24) PSYCHIC PHOTOGRAPHY: Of many different types; sometimes appearing on a 35mm film in a camera which is levitated by spirit team and proceeds to take pictures in total darkness; at other times, a complete 35mm film still in its shop wrapping and locked into a security box can be covered from end to end with pictures and writing produced by a spirit team. We had pictures and portraits also captured on a video camera as we sat.   25) SVO'S - SOLID VISIBLE OBJECTS: These were self-illuminated objects that had no name on our earth but that were common in the spirit world itself. They were brought by our spirit team for us to see and examine in a solid form before they were again taken back to the spirit world.                                              26) VSB'S - VISIBLE SPIRIT BEINGS: Not spirit people but ANGELIC BEINGS. Self-luminous; they would build up on a table in front of our eyes to a height of about two to three feet (resembling a madonna-type figure), before floating around the room in front of our eyes, allowing their robes to trail over our hands. The wonderful love that emanated from these beings was amazing! The room was 'charged' with energy when they were present.   27) VOICE-TO-VOICE COMMUNICATION WITH SPIRIT BEINGS: Of excellent clarity and volume through the simple amplifier of a cheap tape recorder.                                                                                                28) TELEPORTED PRESENCE OF MINIATURE UFO: Which flew around the room on a number of occasions, pausing in front of each sitter so they could examine it closely, with its illuminated portholes.                                   29) VOICE-TO-VOICE COMMUNICATION WITH 'STELLAR FRIENDS' AND OTHER WORLD BEINGS: through the amplifier of a cheap tape recorder, when this was attached to the simple TRANS-DIMENSIONAL COMMUNICATION DEVICE that was deigned by our spirit team. A blueprint of this device was received by us on an unopened film when we were asked to build it. An IDOLIS system (Inter-Dimensional Oral Language Interpretation System) was incorporated into this device by the spirit team for use during our communications.

Physical Phenomena in Non-Group Conditions

Finally, it is important to recognise that not all Physical Phenomena occurs within Experimental Groups and Physical Circles sitting especially for the purpose under strictly controlled conditions. Here are a few examples of phenomena in this category. Some are purposely sought by experimenters; others occur quite naturally and spontaneously during our everyday lives:

A) SPIRIT 'ORBS' OCCURRING IN EVERYDAY PHOTOGRAPHY.    B) CROP CIRCLES.    C) DOWSING                          D) DRV (DIRECT RADIO VOICES): on a one-to-one basis through a functioning radio (as in case of Marcello Bacci) E) PSYCHIC SURGERY.    F) EVP (ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA).   G) PHONE CALLS FROM SPIRIT PEOPLE.        H) SPIRIT MESSAGES LEFT ON ANSWERPHONES.                                                                                           I) ITC (INSTRUMENTAL TRANS-COMMUNICATION): A whole sub-category by itself. Includes: IMAGES OF SPIRIT PEOPLE AND OTHER DIMENSIONAL PEOPLE ON TELEVISION SCREENS. Also communication received through any other technical devices such as COMPUTERS. Strictly speaking, communications on answerphones and EVP can loosly be fitted int this category too.

All the types of phenomena I have mentioned here - both ectoplasmic-based and energy-based - are the main types you are likely to come into contact with if you are researching this exciting subject thoroughly. However, the list is not by any means a totally comprehensive one. There is much more to discover as you get deeper into the topic. I am always happy to answer any serious questions from members.