Physical Mediumship International

The TDC (Trans-Dimensional Communication) Device

The Spirit Team at Scole requested that we build this TDC Device so that the Scole Experimental Group could communicate on a one-to-one basis with remote and distant dimensions. The message to build the device was given to us verbally by our spirit team through the trance mediumship of Diana and Alan.

At the same time, we received the blueprint for the TDC on an unopened film (see above) with a message that suggested that if we adopted the blueprinted configuration for the device, the reception of our communications through the device would be 'helped considerably'.

The message on the unopened film was signed '888 TAE' (see right above), which indicated that Thomas Edison was working with us as a member of the spirit team. It is not widely known that - during his lifetime - Thomas Edison tried to perfect a device for communicating with the spirit world.

One of the senior SPR investigators who sat with us regularly (Monty Keen) got in touch with the Edison Institute in the USA, asking for an example of his monographed signature, and the Institute sent him a photocopied memo that Thomas Edison had initialled in 1926. (see left above)

The initialled signatures were virtually identical!!!

Although it took quite a long time after we built the device before the first positive results of one-to-one communication through the TDC took place, the very first voice that spoke to us was that of Thomas Edison himself! He told us that he was intimately involved himself with these TDC experiments.

For these audible communications, the TDC device, which contained a germanium chip was connected by us to the amplifier of a cheap cassette tape recorder, so that we could hear the voices loud and clear.

From then onwards, we had many two way conversations with beings from 'other dimensions', including different geographical locations 'in space'. We were told that the TDC incorporated an I.D.O.L.I.S. system so that we could understand these communications (Inter-Dimensional Oral Language Interpretation System). Frequently, the communicators' voices from 'other dimensions', although speaking in English, would sound somewhat 'robotic'.

It amused us greatly that some governments - such as that of the USA -  had spent billions of dollars creating 'listening stations' to apprehend any communications from outer space; and had achieved nothing for their considerable investment, wheras we - with a cheap £20 cassette tape recorder - had regular two-way conversations with 'other dimensions'!

Schematic Drawings of the TDC Device

The above Image contains exact drawings of the TDC device itself - for those members who would like to build one for themselves. Importantly, for the device to work efficiently, it is necessary for an experimental group to work in close co-operation with their own spirit team!