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Bibliography - Recommended Books

Many people have asked me over the years about which books I would recommend for them to read which dealt with Physical Mediumship and Physical Phenomena. There are a great number available; many of these include eyewitness reports of physical phenomena from the early days of Modern Spiritualism.

By their very nature and specialised subject, most of these books (although not all) are out of print; some for over 100 years! I have a collection of books myself on the subject - some very rare - numbering some 2,000 volumes in all. Unfortunately, these are currently stored in the UK until such a time as we have a bigger and more permanent base in Spain.

The setback as such with almost all of these books is the fact that the phenomena they describe can almost exclusively be described as the traditional ectoplasm-based phenomena. This, however, is what constitutes the real history of physical mediumship. As you know, ectoplasmic-based physical mediumship is still practised today by a number of well-known and respected mediums.

For serious reference to the more modern energy-based phenomena, there is still just my own two books, Witnessing the Impossible and In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship: see my site:    or The Scole Experiment - Campion Books - By Grant and Jane Solomon

Books and Free Downloads


Many of the books on this list are still in print and can be obtained from  or

Some - but not all - of these Books which are out-of-print can be downloaded free from the website:

VOICES IN THE DARK - Leslie Flint: Autobiography of famous Independent Voice Medium Leslie Flint                  THE STORY OF HELEN DUNCAN - Alan Crossley: The Materialisation Mediumship of Helen Duncan.                    THE MEDIUMSHIP OF JACK WEBBER - Harry Edwards: Story of a remarkable Physical Medium.                           THE MEDIUMSHIP OF ARNOLD CLARE - Harry Edwards: Another remarkable Physical Medium.                          THERE IS NO DEATH - Forence Marryat: Amazing eye-witness reports of sittings with Florence Cook and many other physical mediums including Arthur Colman.                                                                                       THE SPIRIT WORLD - Florence Marryat.                                                                                                THE VOICES - Vice Admiral W Usborne Moore.                                                                                            GLIMPSES OF THE NEXT STATE - Vice Admiral W Usborne Moore.                                                                 CAMP SILVER BELLE BOOKLET - Lena Barnes Jefts.                                                                                    THIRTY YEARS OF PSYCHICAL RESEARCH - Dr Charles Richet.                                                                       THE WISDOM OF THE GODS - H. Dennis Bradley: Sittings with George Valiantine, American Trumpet Direct Voice Medium hosted by Bradley in the UK. Includes a report of the very first physical phenomena seance attended by Winston Churchill in 1926 when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer. He is not named as such in the report but is described in the book as 'A Prominent Politician'.                                                             

TOWARDS THE STARS - H Dennis Bradley: Earlier Sittings with George Valiantine.                                            MATERIALISATIONS - Harry Boddington.                                                                                                    DIRECT VOICE RECORDINGS OF LESLIE FLINT - Woods and Greene.                                                               BROADCASTING FROM BEYOND - A. E. Perriman.                                                                                        

BREAKTHROUGH - Konstantin Raudive: A study of his early EVP Experiments.                                                  THE BLUE ROOM - Clive Chapman: Remarkable story of his niece Pearl Judd's Independent Voice mediumship in full light in their circle at Dunedin, New Zealand in the 1920's.                                                                     SOLID PROOFS OF SURVIVAL - Einer Nielsen, Danish Materialisation Medium.                                                  GHOSTS IN SOLID FORM - Gambier Bolton.                                                                                                 VISITORS FROM THE OTHER SIDE - TomHarrison.                                                                                       

SHADOW LAND - Elisabeth d'Esperance, Materialisation and apport medium.                                                  PSYCHIC STRUCTURES OF THE GOLIGHER CIRCLE - W.J.Crawford.                                                               

PHENOMENA OF MATERIALISATION - Baron von Schrenk Notzing.                                                                 LISTEN MY SON - Author unknown: Report of the mediumship of Hunter Selkirk.