Physical Mediumship International

Project 'Alice' Video Filming at Scole

Project 'Alice' (as in Alice through the Looking Glass), was a series of experiments at Scole - orchestrated by our spirit team - where images were obtained on a video camera which sat behind a curtain in the 'Scolehole' cellar, totally independent of the members of the Scole Group themselves. The name came from the fact that either two mirrors or a single mirror were used to create a complete 'loop' for the system to operate efficiently. Sometimes the video camera would film in total darkness; later on, the filming was done in candlelight.

The mirror(s) in the room became a 'portal' through which spirit people and 'stellar friends' from other dimensions were teleported into the room in solid form. They could interact with us fully; touch us, be touched back, and speak to us. Sometimes we were able to capture these stellar friends on the video.

Our Good Friend 'Blue' as captured on Video

'Blue' was teleported into the room with us on a number of occasions in solid form. He was a very loving being, and more than once stood in front of us in total darkness, lifting up our hands and placing them on parts of his head and face so that we could feel he was not human as such. He was small; no more than about 4 feet 6 inches tall, and his hands were tiny, with three long fingers, reminiscent of the fictional alien ET in the film. His voice was confident but sounded rather robotic.

As you can see, this picture of Blue was obtained 11 years ago. It is a still video 'grab' from a fully animated sequence on the video camera.

Other Video Pictures of the Spirit World

Just two of the many pictures we received of aspects and lansdcapes of the spirit world.

The Amazing Multicoloured Pictures of Swirling Energies

What you can see here is just a small selection of the animated video images we received through Project Alice. The vibrancy of the different colours was constantly changing, often reminding us of pictures and images through a Kaleidoscope. Two of these pictures - upper right and lower left - show the almost transparent figure of a communicator - 'Varren-here-ic' as he spoke to us during the very last sittings of the Scole Experimental Group. On the original Video recording, we could actually see his lips moving as he spoke to us and delivered his final robotic voice messages through the TDC Device.