Physical Mediumship International

Photographs from the days of the Scole Experiment

Above - The 'Scolehole', one of two cellars beneath Street Farm, scene of our sittings. 

Below - Street Farmhouse, Scole where most of the sessions of the Scole Experiment took place.


Psychic Photography from Scole

All three of these pictures were amongst the earliest psychic photogaphy experiments at Scole. Each of them appeared on 35mm film which was loaded into a camera by us. The camera was levitated by our spirit team and proceeded to take 'pictures' by itself whilst levitated in total darkness.

The top picture shows an unknown tribesman, possibly from Afghanistan.

The middle picture is a scene from the top of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Note the River Seine.

The bottom picture is a copy by spirit of a famous wartime photograph of St Paul's Cathedral, London.