Physical Mediumship International

History of Physical Mediumship

Physical Mediumship has been around since prehistoric times. It reflects man's close connection with the Spirit World to which we all have to go one day when we 'die'. Unfortunately, apart from the Bible (which is full of 'miracles' - or prime examples of physical mediumship and its phenomena) very little of the rich history of 'real' or 'physical mediumship' has survived through the ages in written form. Of course, many of the early examples of amazing physical phenomena that took place in those early days was simply passed down orally from parents to their children through the many generations of their families and local 'storytellers', so that it eventually became a part of the 'folklore' of the different genetic cultures. Therefore, because these examples of physical phenomena were simply 'spoken history'  of the many races of the earth, and not history in a written form, future generations tended to dismiss the stories as 'fanciful' or 'imaginary', rather than regarding them as a truthful representation of what really took place thousands of years ago.