Physical Mediumship International

Areas of Communication in the Spirit World


These two pictures came from the second stage of our work at Scole in Psychic Photography, and we were told they represented 'areas of communication' within the spirit world. Various human faces could be seen on the films; either complete, or partially complete as they came together (see above)

They came on 35mm film too, but during this second phase,the films were not loaded into a camera. They simply stood (unopened) in their black plastic pots on the table during a sitting, as can be seen from the picure of the 'Scolehole', with a white label on the pot to record date etc.

The images were put onto the 35mm film by the 'photographic department' of our spirit team during a sitting, and developed immediately afterwards in a special developing machine supplied by Polaroid Ltd.

Areas of Communication in Colour

This picture, also from the second phase of our Scole photographic work, is a coloured picture of the 'areas of communication in the spirit world. It is a little more 'gruesome' than the black and white pictures above but clearly indicates the process of 'human faces' being brought together. From an unopened 35mm film.

Areas of Communication from 'Project Alice'

 This picture, from March 1998, was captured on our video camera during 'Project Alice'

The areas of communication this time include a picture of two male faces in a bubble, specially brought for a friend of ours who sat with us when this picture was captured. We recognised the main face as that of a man who had died shortly after we met him.