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Some of the Apports received at Scole

add For your interest, here are some pictures of apports (presents from our spirit team) which we received during the sittings at Scole.

My personal favourites are the gold disc with heiroglyphics (which the British Museum state is a modern imitation of an Ottoman coin used for weddings and in jewellery) and the silver charm in the bottom picture, brought to remind me of the Noah's Ark Society I founded.

60-year-old Apported Newspaper

This 60-year-old Newspaper dated 1936 was one of two old newspapers apported by the spirit team for the Scole Group during two different sittings. Both the papers were in pristine condition when they arrived - apart from being folded. The paper itself was white - almost impossible, considering the age of this newsprint paper which was full of lignin impurities within the mechanical pulp it was made from.

Despite being kept in lightproof and airproof conditions after we received them, both newspapers yellowed within a week (normal for this type of paper).

Researchers from the SPR (Society for Psychical Research) submitted a sample of the paper to P.I.R.A. (The Paper Industry Research Association) for examination. They were able to authenticate the paper as genuine for the dates of the papers, and the printing as from the 'letterpress' process, which is now well out of date


The Apport pictured below was received by Sandra and I during a sitting with the Felix Experimental Group in April 2010, at Hanau in Germany (Medium Kai Muegge) at which several different types of physical phenomena were witnessed, including an impressive display of ectoplasm.

It was dropped on the floor in front of us as a 'gift' (having materialised from nowhere) on behalf of our longtime spirit friend Winston Churchill (who was present at the seance), and we were told it had originally been brought back from India by one of his secretaries during his lifetime.

The object appears to be some kind of a coin or medallion with a religious (possibly Hindu) theme

Apport received at the Felix Experimental Group in Hanau, Germany

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Apport received in Germany, whilst sitting with the Felix Group