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Our Mission at Physical Mediumship International is to educate interested parties and the public in general about Physical Mediumship and its phenomena. There will be something about its history, together with full explanations of the two main (but different) ways in which physical phenomena is (and can be) developed and demonstrated in the world today. We aim to help and advise potential physical mediums and groups who wish to develop this form of mediumship and phenomena, both through this site, and additionally through a series of seminars and workshops which we hope to organise in the future. We will explain fully the dedication and persistence needed to bring the development of physical phenomena to its successful conclusion, and point out exactly how it can be developed, either by a single medium in the traditional ectoplasmic-based format, or by a group of experimental researchers in the alternative (and more modern) energy-based format.


What is Mental Mediumship?

There are two different basic types of mediumship; Mental Mediumship and Physical Mediumship. These operate in totally different ways:


Mental Mediumship is the most common of the two types of mediumship that are practiced today: there are literally hundreds of thousands of 'mental' mediums throughout the world. Most people (if they have the desire and patience to do so) are able to develop one or more of the three main forms of mental mediumship to some degree if they sit for it in a dedicated way (within a development circle) under a good teacher. It is possible for an individual to develop the first signs of mental mediumship in a relatively short space of time; sometimes within weeks of starting to train as a medium. A much longer period of development is, however, necessary for the 'fledgling medium' to achieve a good standard of mediumship.

The three main forms of mental mediumship are: 1)  Clairvoyance   2)  Clairaudience   3)  Clairsentience

Clairvoyance:  Is the ability of the medium to 'see' spirit personalities. Sometimes the medium sees these spirit people as though they are real people, moving about in a normal and natural way. At other times, the medium might 'see' them on the 'mirror of their mind' within their head. What distinguishes this as mental mediumship however, is the fact that only the medium sees these spirit people. Anybody else who is present does not. The medium can pass on to his or her 'sitter' what they are seeing, by way of evidence.

Clairaudience:  Is the ability of the medium to 'hear' what the spirit personalities are saying. This gift often goes together with clairvoyance. Sometimes the medium hears these spirit voices as though they are real and coming from another real person in the room with them. At other times, the medium 'hears' the voices within their head again 'on the mirror of their mind'. The medium is the only person who hears these voices, and can pass on to their 'sitter' what the spirit person is telling them, by way of evidence of the existence of 'life after death'. Such a 'message' can provide great comfort for a bereaved friend, relative or loved one.

Clairsentience:  Is the ability of the medium to 'sense' the presence of spirit people, and to 'sense' what they are saying. Again, the medium is the only person who can (through their training) sense the presence of these spirit personalities, and sense the 'message' from a specific spirit person that they can then pass on to their 'sitter', who has gone to them for a reading, or who might receive such a message in a spiritualist church.

What is Physical Mediumship?


Physical Mediumship is totally different from Mental Mediumship. Firstly, it is extremely rare at the moment, with only a handful of physical mediums giving public demonstrations. When physical mediumship is taking place, everybody who is present is able to witness it. It is real. It is indeed PHYSICAL. The 'evidence' of Post Mortem survival, however, which can be obtained through this type of mediumship is truly life-changing.

Physical Mediums are sometimes 'born'. Especially those who work in the more traditional way, where their  mediumship is Ectoplasm-based. Not everybody can be a physical medium working in this way. They need to be extremely dedicated, and their personal development as a physical medium can take many years before they achieve any success. Furthermore, each time they sit in a 'seance' they endanger their own lives.

A newer, more modern form of Physical Mediumship and Physical Phenomena was pioneered in the 1990's however, by a dedicated group of psychic researchers in Norfolk UK, known as the Scole Experimental Group. In cooperation with a wonderful team of spirit scientists, guides and helpers. The phenomena that was developed through this group was Energy-based and breathtaking. It did not require a single physical medium as such, although two of the group members remained in deep trance throughout. Every member of the group contributed to the phenomena. There was no danger involved to sitters or mediums by working in this way; it could be developed quicker, and was more versatile. Many more groups have gone on since to achieve spectacular phenomena in a similar energy-based way.

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