Physical Mediumship International

Full Length 35mm Films Covered with Images

These are just two examples of full-length films received at Scole. By this time, to add further security measures (mainly for the SPR Investigators who sat with us) we also locked the shop-sealed films in their plastic pots into a wooden security box (see below). This was locked with the scientists' own lock - the keys of which were then locked into their cars. The films were developed immediately after a sitting.

The Wooden Security Box

Poems on Full-Length Films

These nine pictures are from three different films, with the images on each film received on different days. The top three are from a handwritten draft of William Wordsworth's poem 'Ruth'

The middle three pictures constitute a complete 35mm film which we refer to as our 'Dragon' film for obvious reasons. 'Cassiel' is the name of an angel.

the final three psrts of a single film contain a poem written in 'Old German'. At the time it was received, we had two german friends sitting with us.

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