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Melanie Sheppard
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I am interested/curious to know if there are any serious academics out there, following sites like these. Obviously Robin Foy promotoed a lot of interest within the scientific community and I would like to know if  interest in such matters, continues to be developed?

Robin, if you read this, do you maintain contact with David Fontana, or others in the scientific field? If so, would you be happy to discuss on this site?

Many thanks, Melanie.

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Robin and Sandra
Site Owner
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Hi Melanie,

I am still aware of some serious academics who seek to further their information and knowledge by studying the subject seriously. We no longer have regular contact with David Fontana, as we do not have contact details for him these days. However, David has always been very positive when describing his experiences at Scole. The other two main scientific investigators, Arthur Ellison and Monty Keen have both passed to spirit themselves, but Monty has contacted us through physical mediums and we have been able to positively identify him then.

I definitely welcome serious scientific research and interest in the subject, but as you may know, Scole finished 11 years ago, and we no longer have regular access to phenomena or our spirit team. Consequently, there is no reason for us to regularly discuss aspects of physical phenomena with serious academics unless they choose to contact us.

Best wishes, Robin

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Melanie Sheppard
Posts: 2

Robin, Thank you.

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Marion Dampier-Jeans
Posts: 1

Extreme interesting question ask , and very important to  have the scientific backing on some of thethings we achieve

Iam a very fortunate   medium in that I know many people , and have worked and been invited , by  some of themost wonderful mediums, some known and some not.

Some 3 years ago I sat with a scientist from England he was a scientist in one of the large hospital in London.He studied research of the human brain from  the first development of the embryo from a Childs conception …I hope this can be understood .

In the sitting he had with me I suddenly saw a greenish light inside a microscope the scintist was looking through  . This light was formed as a  circler  a spark but as it was there ,it just blink andwent out


I said life it was life  a spark of life …I explain this to him and he said I have no knowledge of this  …….but with in 4 weeks period he was researching under a microscopy in his lab. in the hospital in London, this microscope  also took pictures  

This was from a child not quirt born in to this life …suddenly there was this greenish life in the brain, of this unborn child ….it blink and went out ..I saw the photograph he send it to me ,and  I sent it on to Ron Pearson, but he could not explain this as he was  a math  scientist and not the brain.  My friend was very surprised as this have never happen before or after , and he  was so touch by this, that he became very interesting in my work  ……later on I lost the information from the computer as it broke down ,sadly  very sadly ,,,but this is what really interest me  thes research , some scientist,stands outside looking in …but as he said to me I se it ,I feel it, but I will be persecuted if I dares say something about this ……     

Kind thoughts Marion   


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Very interesting the above & my opinion only (.. as will most things only time will tell) but it strikes me why would/should there be a spark of life in an abortive foetus (.. if indeed that was what was being examined at the time & forgive me if I am wrong).  Facinating nevertheless..  In any event, keep our minds open to all possibilities.

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Fiona Bowie
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Jack Hunter is currently researching physical mediumship for his PhD thesis at the University of Bristol (supervised by Fiona Bowie). Jack started an excellent on-line journal, Paranthropology, which explores physical mediumship and other phenomena related to the Afterlife.

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Sheelagh, I just read your comment of May 19. I have just joined this site. The spark of life would make sense if it was deliberately shown, fleetingly,  to open up an avenue of research in the mind of the scientist. The fact that Marion's computer broke down containing the photo  and information also makes sense. A door was opened, briefly for that scientist to get a glimpse, but then had to be firmly shut again from the eyes of a world which must not see too much too soon...but the scientist, with Marion's help was alowed the necessary "peep".

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